Sunday , May 9 2021

The IPhon won a "claw" but when he opened it he took several surprises

An Indonesian young man won a jackpot for a long time. But when he opened the box he found it.

The mythical trick (?) As we have taught, always win the people (around the world) (!) Prizes distribution line. Like the Indonesian boy named Amrozi, who He left everything to take a big prize: an iPhone X.

As the portal shows In the first recording, when added to more than two million times in YouTube, the youngster will be able to win the band, while recording a friend. finally, After six successive essays, he accomplishes his mission: An iPhone has been released for a few coins. Incredible but-almost-real.

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Of course, all glitters are not gold and everything from the claw is an iPhone (?!). In the second video, he showed Amrozi Apple's box had chocolates inside.

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See the moment of "desperation" of the youth

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