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The largest monthly increase in cash was published in October and was closed below the zone

He hanged Single and Free Exchange Markets (MULC), where the currencies fell 16 cents He lost $ 37.35 and 35 cents in January, now under the auspices of the Central Bank $ 37,860 and $ 48,995. There was a monthly decline in the wholesale segment, while the Central Bank made purchases of $ 560 million to avoid foreign exchange deferrals, according to operators, it could not be determined.

We must not forget that Ambito Financial has announced that the current day or the day after the discount of the market has been discounted, the Central Bank has announced a decision to increase the current purchase price of $ 50 million. In order to prevent the impact of the square on this occasion, $ 150 million was foreseen in the new money policy.

"Experiences will continue to grow in Central American currency purchases, which will be evaluated, as well as the latest strategy to accelerate the rate reduction rate, to reorganize the dollar within the group," stressed economists Gustavo Ber.

Similarly, the authority authority has put it on the wheel today Liquidity (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) Lyrics An average of $ 145,000 million, roughly 53,687% Seven days (Wednesday, 54.889%). The maximum allowable rate was 54% and 51,999% was the minimum.

"New markets are emerging against the dollar, the Fed's decision yesterday is not touching the interest rate"Featured by ABC Mercado de Cambios.

Remember it United States Federal Reserve Interest rates remained stable on Wednesday, but said he would be patience this year to raise credit costs and increase the uncertainty about the US economy forecasts.

In the meantime, Delphos Investiment's consultancy advises that "this week marks the turning point on the weight of the current financial unit." In January, demand recovery has been achieved. "

And they added that "This has been the recovery of short-term deposits, which is (6.5% up) compared to the previous month and the relocation of weight-based practices has been renewed due to the need to reduce emissions and performance".

It should be noted that today's currencies have recovered positions and a very active offer that has eliminated the resistance offered by coverage requests. Subsequent transactions, after $ 36.90 in operations after the end of the year, in the last hours of the trade, the securities increased the intensity and increased the value of $ 37.35.

According to the operator Gustavo Quintana of the corridors of the exchanges, some analysts from the "dollar fall" predicted the values ​​of the field without an official intervention according to official forecasts forecasts. "

He even said "The persistent fall in the benchmark rate set by the Central Bank did not have an effect on the dollar's evolution, it maintained the tendency of weakness and vice versa, at least".

The slowdown in the local market joins the region. Thus, in Brazil it grew by 0.9% on Thursday; Chile 1.9% and Mexico, 0.4%.

Dollar in the world

After repaying a dollar on Thursday The Federal Reserve has committed itself to the United States interest rate rise cycle, an ad that drives the euro.

As expected, the Fed maintained stable rates on Wednesday, and in a formal policy change, it would be patience, as opposed to any additional increases United States uncertainty is growing.

The dollar index lost one 0.2%, 95.16 at least three weeks. In previous operations, it already lost 0.4%.

Other markets

In the interbank money market, Call money 44% average.

In the ROFEX A total of 1,785 million dollars was granted, of which more than 45% were decided between January and February, at $ 37.06 and $ 38.60; With the final rate of 47% remaining until January, 2:30 p.m. March ended at $ 39.75, up 39.75%. Prices declined by around $ 0.25.

In the informal square, at the same time, blue They dropped 75 cents $ 37.50 and under the official mention, in the central caves of Buenos Aires according to this survey. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" on Wednesday gave nine cents to $ 37.41.

In the end, Central Bank Reserves $ 39 million in the US fell to $ 66.406m in the US on Wednesday.

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