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The Legends League of the new champions would reach the start of 2019

One more year seems to be blasting the Christmas Riot. This time it was Thread reddit revealed a list of early changes in 2019 He looks like a new champion and reworks and skins that will arrive later.

The thread was deleted in just a few minutes after publication, but it could not have been able to rescue many experts. Of course, still There are no official data lists that are not real But it seems unreasonable that some of them may reach our computer in 2019



The list is among Skins Sejuani and Tahm Kench, Kha Zix and Rengar, Tristana, Neeko and Nunu, Veigar, Zyra and Syndra, and Ivern's mythical footprint What is the amount of content on the table before?

In addition to these reasons, we also enjoyed the skin reworks of Kayle and Morgana and Volibear:

  • Kayle: Appearance Kayle Variation level will change. Your ultimate ability will be similar Aatrox although other skills have been improved.
  • Morgana: Your Wak will have charges and destroy your enemies.
  • Fly: His ultimate ability will give him a beam that will crush nearby enemies.


Knowing something new is very important, but some interesting features are being issued. For now, according to Reddit leaks, speculation will be made with a character that will lead the chain. Depositary in the upper part.

In terms of its capabilities, depending on leaks Q they will go to the enemy in remote distances. Berea skill finalWe know that you will make a moment "earthquake" effect

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