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The life of Gustavo Cerati, restructured by his affections


The documentary shows an unpublished material without archives, the image of his childhood artist and his family, anecdotes, friends and former Soda Stereo Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti Credit: NatGeo

In the end, Nat Geo was released
BIOS: The lives marked for you, offered

Gustavo Cerati

. In a two-hour tracking session, the documentary by Sebastián Ortega and Chilean Javiera Mena allows the director to recreate his life.

Stereo soda

. And he made a direct testimony of his former collaborators, musicians accompanied by solo career; his mother, Lilian Clark; His sisters, Laura and Estela, and their children, Benito and Lisa. And Cerati himself, who tells his story in conversations, some of them unpublished, as well as a large amount of archive material.

The musician Shakira, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti ("I think he was happy and did not know how to find a place for pleasure", the bassist does not make sense), when Mena Clark arrives at the family home, with a family luncheon, Cerati with the whole clan. After performing on the first floor of the soundtrack of the Music Soda Stereo, Laura is listening to a recording of his father, Juan José, the author of his radio station, who introduces a new tale to his audience: his son, Gustavo, who has only sung for six years.

Audio works as a trigger for Cerati to always be supportive of his family. "Something you will not regret if you want to follow the vocation of the kids, whatever you want, do not let it happen," says Clark. This also highlights how his husband was responsible for collecting records and tools. His son went to work everywhere in the United States. Gustavo emphasized that he emphasized the support of an interview in 1990: "I still support myself, every time I record it, I can show them and I hope to get closer and closer."

Zeta Bosio is responsible for explaining how they knew about the University of the University of Advertising, Anaia Saint Jean, during the girlfriend of Cerat, shows a little bit when Cerati published a song without composite. Melody reminds you "Your madness". He recorded in his solo career. Since the lecture has become the aesthetic obsession of the group, the vintage photographs and the testimony of Cerati file, which confesses: "We were a comb and three people."

Marabur's visit, Soda Stereo gave first shows and Adrián Taverna was the third, third, historical sound, a rapid revision of the team's rise. Fast pace is not focused on specific moments, but there is not a large amount of material published, such as images of Sodamania shows, clothing plans or destinations, and the new testimony of Cerati. During this explosion, the peak at the Costa Rican airport attempted to distinguish between the arduous stretch. After the success of Double Vida and the subsequent presentation of Buenos Aires, Animal Song was recorded in the United States, with recordings of "Entre caníbales" and "One million light years". Because it creates a symbiosis with the creation of Melero, Cerati also has friction with his colleagues, that is, he will launch his subsequent movement in Chile.
Yellow love and his son was born as the pillar of the new era of Benito.

Looking for a new horizon is the preaching of Soda Stereo. At the Ferro Alternative Festival there will be a chaotic and non-show spectacle and her daughter Lisa
Last concert, In River Stadium, in 1997. After being responsible for the electronic V plan of the Plan, Leo García makes an interpretation of its creation
whiff and tells how much he inspired the Deepak Chopra's The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

A timeline is one of the protagonists of Benito and Lisa, highlighting the most intimate side of Cerati: his party as a father. Images of the holiday homes of the family of San Martin de los Andes and an acid-house album, which shows the oldest children, was recorded for ages five years.

Benito is exactly how he decided to return to Cerati rock guitar. "He was sensibly doing things, even if he wanted to do it, he did not do it so well," an indirect reference
It's always there today to
We will go there.

Following the success of his fourth solo album, he was in charge of negotiating negotiation with Soda Stereo's operative return, the level of awareness and the negotiation with Daniel Kon, the three team members. The agreement was finally signed. A thunderbolt on the author's health in "light music" was forced by the doctor's warning that this could be a recurring theme, even though García himself said "he decided to live a whole decision and was responsible for the consequences."

The family of Cerati at Lilian Clark's house, still home to Gustavo's teenage room
The family of Cerati at Lilian Clark's house, still home to Gustavo's teenage room Credit: NatGeo

On the screen with images of the last show of the return of Soda Stereo (and talks and discussions mentioning the pending ailments and injuries), Charly Albert reveals a revelation that suggests that there is no definitive end to the three musicians. His story: "We all said:" Stop ", and after four or five years we send a walk, we made a spectacular time, we made recording and each one continues on its own, and that is why we stayed". Following the rhythm of this plan, the next one is the only Natural Force, its latest studio album and the deeply documented Bios. Each participates in how Cerati felt a special connection between today and now and now, something that the musician spreads from a dialogue he says: "By age, in thousands of lives, every time you have to enjoy the trip and have more time to taste". Thus, the backbones of the tour show the album's presentation and a friendly atmosphere with its musicians.

Javiera Mena, director and interviewer and Benito Cerati's role
Javiera Mena, director and interviewer and Benito Cerati's role Credit: NatGeo

When he played a part of his last performance in Caracas and played with his team on stage (and four years later he had experienced the first symptoms of ACV), his own story is based on the final story, which Bosio and Alberti set out with the Alcla Clinic last, in which you can see the immensity that Lilian Clark made for four long years.

As closure, his family and friends' musicians unite in Unison to interpret a version of "Natural Force" that changes part of the original. Editing and using the image tones is that Cerati is present in the studio, one of the greatest achievements of the documentary.

Even though short times are serious (such as his electronic projects, Dynamo recording, Stereo Dream and most of his solo album) and key testimonials (unless Richard Coleman's story is there), Bios has the emotional value, his talent as a secret to his private life To open the dynamics of a figure.

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