Saturday , June 10 2023

The local ADR closed the month differently: Galicia is the best; You have the worst


They were located in a positive territory The ADR of the Galician Group posted a 20.4% monthly improvement, Loma Negra (+ 18.1%), Edenor (+ 13.4%) and Mercado Libre (+ 8.5%).

Meanwhile, The biggest fall in November was Tenaris -16.8% and Ternium (-8.9%), There, judges of the Constitution of Paolo Rocca were affected in the sphere of what is known as cause of the notebooks.

In the meantime, the main Wall Street indexes increased. After commenting on the US market trade commentary, Robert Lighthizer said You would be surprised that Saturday's dinner between Trump and Xi was "not a success".

Conflicts about commercial conflict have shaken markets in the two-day G-20 in Argentina.


Merval's index will not work this Friday as a result of the holidays set by the National Government in the City of Buenos Aires to hold the Summit of the G20 Summit.

The main panel has accumulated a 6.75% improvement in November; It closed the last quarter of the month with an increase of 1.1% and 31,482.59 points.

The best performances of the month were the roles The Galician Group (+ 22.4%), Edenor (+ 18.9%), Banco Francés (+ 13.6%) and Supervielle (12.7%).

On the contrary, they brought the dead Tenaris (-11.2%), Cablevisión (-8%) and Petrobras Brasil (-7.3%).

According to a report by Porfolio Personal Inversiones, in November, Merval dropped the weight of 7.4% and 1.9 dollars.

As regards the fixed income segment, the Argentine Stock Market Institute has prepared a 1.97% accumulated index for the month, in line with the good performance of the coupled GDP evolution, up 32.63% in November.

In Wall Street, the shares of Argentine companies are predominantly present, with a rise of 8% in Pampa Energía, Gas del Sur Transportadora (+ 4.67%) and Grupo Supervielle (+ 3.95%).

Regarding local level, until the end of 2018, the Merval index of the Buenos Aires stock exchange market has been improved by 4.71% over the course of the year.

In the last eleven metric, the ranking is directed by Tenaris, which is 61.05%, followed by Transportadora Gas del Sur (46.03%), Aluar (41.98%) and YPF (+34.48%).

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