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The Mar del Plata train will have a direct service and the revenue will increase by 29% – 11/11/2013


In the weeks leading up to the summer season, Free train service to Mar del Plata. It will have a daily frequency and this is new They will go straight to the coast, so it will take 45 minutes before the usual service. This summer, it has been a good news for tourists who choose "La Feliz" The cost of revenue increased 29%.

The new direct service will begin on 7 December and will take place 5 hours and 30 minutes Completing the trip between the constitution and Mar del Plata stations. Nowadays it is normal for 6 hours and 15 minutes, this year there has been some improvement as the roads have reduced their trip by half an hour.

Travel with the Mar del Plata train. (Photos by David Fernández).

Travel with the Mar del Plata train. (Photos by David Fernández).

The passphrase value was established $ 660 first seats and $ 795 pullman and they will be the same two services. This represents a 29% increase, until this week ($ 510 and $ 615).

"With this new service, when we recovered almost a year and a half, we added more opportunities to reach the Mar del Plata season, and more people could enjoy the summer on the coast," said Guillermo Dietrich.

"It's a boost to tourism and employment, as well as a new alternative to Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata", he added.

The new frequency will be left in the Constitution in 6.22, returning to Mar del Plata for 13.14 days, every day of the week.

On the other hand, the regular service – which includes 12 stations – goes from the constitution, from Monday to Saturday, from 15.29 to 15.20 Sundays, and returns from 1.82 to Mar del Plata daily.

This service stays in the Brandsen, Chascomús, Lezama, Castelli, Sevigné, Dolores, Guido, Maipú, Las Armas, Pirán, Vidal and Vivoratá stations.

A comfortable trip to the Mar del Plata beach. (Photos by David Fernández).

A comfortable trip to the Mar del Plata beach. (Photos by David Fernández).

"With the new direct frequency, we offer you a very comfortable option. Thousands of people visiting Mar del Plata can make the train comfortable, safe and affordable, reducing travel time of 5 hours and a half, which makes our services an attractive alternative trip," said the Train of Argentina Operations President, Marcelo Orfila.

Tickets can be purchased online ( from December 1 to March 31, and 10% discount over the internet, credit and debit card; 40% for retirees; and 50% with children under 12 years of age, children under 3 years, while traveling for free.

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