Friday , January 22 2021

The "March for life" coordinator recommends being a sex and mother agreed by a ten-year-old girl.

A March-by-Life coordinator, Alejandro Geyer, mobilized thousands of people against abortion on Saturday suggested that a ten-year-old girl be pregnant while pregnant. consensus agreement with a family member which, in spite of the decision of the Supreme Court in the FAL, pregnancy should be followed.

Valeria Sampedro, TN, had a tough crossing of the journalists, in order to abolish the protocol for the abolition of the pregnancy term (ILE) in relation to the pedestrian crossing.

"You are asking for the return of the law," said Sampedro. "There is no law abortion in Argentina," Geyer replied quickly. "The law of free abortion is not for the time being, Yes, there is a trial of the Supreme Court, in some situations of abortion, such as rape", the journalist doubled his commitment, focusing on the case. He was raped in Tucuman.

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"The girl was raped, there is no doubt that," said Sampedro. "If I was not a rape victim," replied Geyer. There was a time of great tension. "What, I wanted to have a sex agreed with my grandmother for ten years?" The journalist asked: "Let's put it. It may be a case", launched Geyer.

"Do you want to defend the life of a girl? Do you think she wants sex at the end of her sex?", She was raped at Sampedro studio. Geyer stepped up and said: "No, I did not say it, it leads me to a field that does not have to do with it."

Look at it as well

But he immediately emphasized that for the case of a girl from Tucuman, the child needs "all the help" and must continue with pregnancy.

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