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The marvelous man finds a brightly colored object on Mars


Yes, this is a stunning rock.
Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / LANL.

Martian rock reflectors and reflections focused on the attention of scientists at the NASA by conducting the wisdom's research.

After this spectacular and successful InSight Probe this week, our attention, which has been understandable, without curiosity, has been diverted by the red-eye exploding 2012 planet. We are focused on InSight, the six-wheel NASA has worked at the summit called Vera Rubin, investigating Highfield rocks, the only gray rocky base park.

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Rightequing was at the Highfield drilling site, but NASA's mission controllers wanted to see the four rocks that faced the preceding clues, because it is an unusual stone, at least in black, looks a little bit of gold.

Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / LANL.

The first suspicions of some experts have said that it is a rock meteorite called "Little Colonsay", but scientists at NASA probably do not know how to conduct any chemical analysis. ChemCam provides a chemistry laboratory for the chemistry of the vehicle that makes up a camera, spectrograph and laser.

No wonder the course of a nude about a meteorite is not. The adventurers have discovered several objects during the trip, including a giant meteorite in 2015 and a glittering meteorite of nickel and iron every year.

Other interesting objects found by Curiosity, among other things, were rare and gentle objects that were not on the planet, it was a plastic wrap piece and according to experts is the production of a natural geological process. Although the strangest event could occur in 2013, wisdom found that the rocks discovered a similarity to a squirrel, a classic example of the couple, a type of optical illusion, faces, animals or everyday objects are projected onto random objects and insignificant.

Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / LANL.

In all ways, it is known that Flanders Moss also studied rock, due to its dark color coverage. Once again, NASA does not need to know anything about this object anymore, to drill curiously and analyze a sample. The other two rocks, Forres and Eidon, will also be investigated before stopping the Stop Success Strength.

Unfortunately, curiosity is at this time the only mobile speed in Marte. Her compatriot, Operator Opportunity, has broken the action since a stormy storm was hibernating, the dream was not awakening. NASA has not declared a month's mission, but next year we should know more about the Opportunity situation. [NASA JPL]

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