Wednesday , July 6 2022

The maximum amount of money is almost two months old: it is $ 1.40 and is $ 40


After the start of the wheel, the dollar $ 1.40 cents drops to $ 39.90 and is very new for two months. In this way, the fifth consecutive increase is accumulated According to banks and agencies in Buenos Aires, on average

It is tuned Single and Free Exchange Markets (MULC), do not currency 1.45 a $ 39.05.

In the informal market, meanwhile, the blue stable opera is at $ 37.50, according to this survey in central Buenos Aires caves. "Cash settled" on Friday increased $ 1.58 to $ 37.81.

"For several reasons, due to the rise of the dollar, it is not only commerce disarmament, but also the proximity of the end of the month, and the maturity of major imports and companies"Gustavo Quintana told the operator about this website.

With regard to Christian Buteler, the rise in green home paper responds to three main reasons. First of all, the Central Bank had to make inadequate the short-term speculative capital set by funded financial institutions by the end of the month. Secondly, "the Lebanese disarmament burden exceeds last week" and finally "the reduction of the currency authority", which was being carried out by the currency authority.

It should be remembered that, after the dollar, it is $ 1.07, the highest daily rate of Sandleris, and nearly seven weeks, at $ 38.50.

Green, the fourth consecutive year, was driven by a significant demand in the field of liquidity by the spotlight (after the Lebacen offer, the BCRA exceeded $ 122 billion) and disassociates its weight positions on funds, rather than limiting the response to the US side instead of a partial holiday offer, Market operators have commented.

As a result, the currency increased by $ 1.50 a week, up from the end of September, when the exchange rate hit the historic height of $ 41.94.

With a price of 546 million dollars, the wholesale sales price was $ 1.10 and $ 37.60, which represents the most important daily growth of nearly two months. Thus, during the week, an increase of 1.67 dollars was accumulated.

Despite the large increase in the exchange rate, the Central Bank validated a new assessment of 61.405% (61.699%), at the daily auction of Leliq. It got an amount of 134,844 million dollars, the amount was lower than the year and it sold 48,700 million dollars. It is noteworthy that the term Leliq was extended from 7 to 10 days after the distribution of the G20 summit on Friday.

In spite of the rise in Central and Treasury rates, investors are beginning to invest in dollars (betting on trade bills and financial betting), the closure of the end of the year and uncertain forecasts in the face of the presidential elections of 2019.

The tone caused by the dollar fell from the BCRA, which adds a rise of 4.1% (€ 1.52) this month. "The rise of this Friday is not a problem for us, the exchange rate is within the flotation band," said the monetary organization. And they added: "It is part of a ten-month dynamics, although there are usually even greater demands for imports, and therefore the liquidity left by Lebac bidding."

• Other monetary markets

In ROFEX's future market, 710 million dollar trades were marketed in November, from 2.89% to 38.15%, and in December it increased by 2.54% to 39.54 dollars. The call money was operated during the 60's and "exchange exchange" was $ 140 million a day order to set up money and / or dollars on money and / or dollars on Monday and Tuesday.

In the end, the Central Bank reserves were $ 100 million on Friday and ended with 51,731 million pesetas.

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