Thursday , January 28 2021

The Mayor of Villa Gesell assures the chronicle of fire control

Yesterday, in the afternoon, about 160 hectares of the Villa Gesell north had been lifted over the last five days and the ashes of the ashes that were turned off in the middle of the morning. , according to sources of firefighters and police.

The Mayor of Villa Gesell, Gustavo BarreraHe said the weekend of the north started fire "already controlled" and he said that "no evacuation" unbelievable "Thanks to the excellent work of firefighters, happiness was able to control time"He kept the heads of the toilet.

Barrier explained that the accident was the origin "afternoon" So on Saturday "Surely, someone who wanted to fire was started fire".

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According to the first data, 16 days after the day, a valuable day on the beach took advantage of the sharp columns of smoke that the tourists could face northward.

"Skills have not yet been done, but this type of case is usually negligible, sometimes I do not know what will happen to the start of the fire"said the mayor in that regard.

In addition, the president determined that "There are no evacuated people" field

Villa Gesell, Pinamar, Mar de Ajó, Madariaga, North Coast and Santa Clara del Mar, part of the twelfth Voluntary Fire Brigade, participated in the operation; five more firefighters were added to the police in Buenos Aires.

In total, 150 people attended, along with the National Fire Management Plan and the fire hydrants between eight drills, as well as fire fires.

"In this way, we work together with other municipalities that have helped us, as in the same cases as always"Barrera thanked him.

For now, the cause of the incident has not yet been established, although "some hectares have been damaged"

Finally, the mayor celebrated a "good season" with a spa party: "People are limited to their expenses, but there are many tourists in Villa Gesell, today, the second of January, we are the most important summer of summer, we are the second destination on the Atlantic coast".

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