Tuesday , May 18 2021

The Milky Way will be confronted with another galaxy before it is expected

URecent astrophysics research at Durham University reveals that Magellanic Cloud Great and Milky Way will collide before the galaxy and Galaxy galaxy predictions.

This landing can cause a black hole to wake up the Milky Way and the center of our Solar System.

According to the "Sky News" portal, this research has indicated that the collision between the Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way will occur over two billion years (approximately 2 billion US English), while it is being clashged with Andromeda Galaxy for 8,000 million years.

The Great Magellanic Cloud nano galaxy is 163,000 light years away, the Milky Way. This name is taken up by Fernando de Magallanes explorer in the west in 1519 traveling around the Earth.

According to the research, there is more than dark matter in the Great Cloud of Magellan, which could cause energy loss and our galaxy would crash.

The discovery of the Durham University's astrophysicist, published in the United Kingdom, was published in the monthly magazine "Royal Astronomical Society".

The Great Magellanic Cloud is visible, and so far it was thought that the planet was moving away from the universe, but the research found that more than 90% were joining the Milky Way.

Risk of solar system

In the same study, the collision between the galaxy was evident that it could be sent to our Solar System from the Milky Way and deeper into a deep space.

This bridge in the Magellanic Cloud Large could cause the black holes that could cause inactivity the milk to wake up in the center of the way, which would absorb the surrounding gas and increase it 10 times.

According to the researchers, high-energy radiation would be released from the black hole, as if it were cosmic fireworks.

"As it is beautiful, our universe is constantly evolving, sometimes violent events, such as the upcoming Magellan Cloud Cloud," said Carlos Frenk, a research author.

The researcher explains to us that our descendants, afterwards, have seen that it will be "an impressive showcase of cosmic fireworks", because it is a supermassive black hole that focuses on the milk path, which then wakes up. Very bright energy radiation.

It is impossible to have these broadcasts live on the Earth.

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