Sunday , May 16 2021

The most important Argentine companies questioned Hebe de Bonafini

Following the resignation of the Barrutiko Elkargo, Bonafini mentioned the inclusion of Taser pistols With regard to the security forces announced by the Government: "You have to kill me, Macri, Vidal's sons and I try to test them from the gun you want to use, Bullrich children, grandchildren and relatives."

On the other hand, the Mother of the Mother of the Plaza de Mayo "burning rich fields"In this case, Bonafini's anger is linked to an official license to use the glyphosate in the provinces of Buenos Aires.

In this regard, Convergence forum He insisted on joining the Bar Association's statement and " public promotion of violence and recognizes the ignorance of democratic and republican organizations mentioned above and is the behavior of our criminal punishment. For this reason, this conduct must be analyzed by the Public Prosecutor's Office, and must be reported to justice, if applicable.and "

"You can not overwhelm yourself or pass statements like Hebe de Bonafini. It is a structural justice and fulfills the responsibilities assigned to it by the National Constitution in a timely manner "The Declaration of the Convergence Forum was terminated. This organization is made up of dozens of organizations, such as the Argentine Association of Sembra Direct Producers; Argentine Banks Association; Christian Association of Management Companies; Argentine Business Association; The United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina; Association of Exporting Services; Business Management Association; The stock market; The Argentine Chamber of Commerce Centers; Argentine Chamber of Commerce; Construction shield; Argentine Chamber of Mining Employers; Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Argentina; Argentine Chamber of Commerce in Chile; Italian Chamber of Commerce; Spanish Chamber of Commerce; Chamber of Commerce and Industry Franco Argentina; Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Argentina; Independent Media Business Committee; Business Confederation of Transportation; Chamber of Computing and Communications: Importers Chamber; Coninagro; Rural Confederations; Experimental Regional Experimentation Consortium; Corporate Chambers; FAA; IDEA; SRA; Union Services Organization of Argentina and UIA.

Two pro-government deputies presented a complaint against Bonafini

According to the Barrutiko Elkartea and the Business Convergence Forum, at the request of the pro-government deputy María Lucila Lehman and Marcela Campagnoli They submitted a complaint "A possible crime commission to launch collective violence".

Parliamentary's allegations are related to other words from Bonafini, and he said on Thursday: "So, if we are courageous, we must help people, we must burn up the earth. When they want to get out of the way, they burn, they do not collect anything, to collect ashes. Let's see if a few areas are burned, if they continue to thin glyphosate".

"The imposition of thought is not only violence antidemocratic, But we know that the experience ends with death. Any attempt to impose it again is required"The deputies argued.

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