Tuesday , January 25 2022

The Mutation Mechanism was thrown into the Solar System from the Milky Way


Solar System.jpg

However, the collision will be much earlier than expected, the Milky Way will have an impact Great Magellanic Cloud, the satellite galaxy that surrounds the most important.

It would trigger a phenomenon The Milky Way in the black hole, so far, so far Everything begins to devour their way and it grew tenfold. Radiation growth may cause a stormy solar system of the galaxy.

For example, the Galaxy Milky Way is similar to the Galaxy, and approximately the orbit around them. Generally speaking, these planetary sets are grouped around their hosts for many years. But from time to time they fall halfway, the blows and the main dominate.

Great Magellanic Cloud is the brightest Satellite Milky Way satellite About 163 miles light years. The last measurements were determined The dark thing has almost been calculated almost twice. This is why energy is rapidly lost and it collides with our galaxy.

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