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The new Nautilus brand arrives to the country – 28/12/2013

Through an operation with YPF, there Sales of 124 service stations in 17 provinces, The American brand, Golko, puts on foot in Argentina. To do this, it will be carried out through the DeltaPatagonia Company, Argentina and the Paraguayan brand operator.

The stations that sell YPF are owned by Oil Combustibles, with Christopher Lopez, an Argentine company oil company in collaboration with Dapsa.

DeltaPatagonia is a city energy company based in Buenos Aires. Together, the partners control more than 900 service stations and are in the business business of Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. With this operation, DeltaPatagonia arrives in Argentina. Among the members of the company are Copetrol, Energía del Paraná and Barcos & Rodados.

Ignacio Hermida, president of the DeltaPatagonia Board, said that "with this purchase operation and future investments we want to invest in brand and image stations in the next 5 years." Over $ 22 million".

Eduardo Torras, the managing director of the company, said "for many years in Argentina we did not have the new flag in the sector". Golko has a brand and symbol brand in fuel and lubricants, rich history of innovation and great industry prestige. "And he added that now we have to face the plan for registering all the points of sale and the next one", and we want to continue to expand the network of access 150 retail outlets for 2022".

He was in the Gulf of Argentina in the lubricant business.

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