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The new radical model of the universe was revealed

Some weeks later, before Christmas, an astrophysicist from Oxford University sent geek websites to frenzy and posted a Twitter storm on scientists, publishing a radical model of the universe.

Albert Einstein's idea that this space creates its energy.

Albert Einstein's idea that this space creates its energy. Credit:AP

A magazine published in a paper Astronomy and Astrophysics, Dr. Jamie Farnes has a dark matter and dark energy as a separate beast. Instead, theoretically combines a single entity with a strange "dark liquid" type of "negative gravity". Meaning: If you want to discard it, it would go to you.

Dr. Farnes said liquids maintained the balance of the universe, which Einstein called a "cosmological constant" 100 years ago when he proposed a similar idea of ​​general relativity theory.

Einstein's idea, as its "biggest blunder", is that space, which we think as a cloud, creates its energy.

As NASA explains well: "This energy is the property of space, because it would not dilute it as it spreads space. As more space is created, more space energy would appear."

In fact, Einstein took the first idea of ​​what we call "dark energy" – the concept created by contemporary physicists, why the universe grew faster when it began to expand.

As the universe widens, according to Jamie Farnes's theory, there is more of these dark liquid bubbles, which is why it is pushing.

He also developed "first direct predictions" that hold halo galaxies in dark things … because most galaxies are rotating so fast, they should commit suicide.

The dark universe theories are published as usual among the media that Farnes offers. Other astrophysicists believe that Dr. Farnes has felt his trust in him, especially in a piece written Conversation.

Some of Farnes's doctor came from science, others say, his theory deserves. And it's good to remember that Einstein's ideas and many others were controversial when it was first published, before Dr. Farnes left the public argument in recent days.

Progressing generation telescopes may soon prove Dr. Farnes … or not.

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