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The new Wi-Fi will be turning off your home connections to the internet


New modem and technologies were announced at the Las Vegas technology fair, which will increase the capacity of the home network links

This week, the CES show featuring the biggest showcase of technological and electronic shows in Las Vegas highlights the media, large-scale TVs, connected cars and all kinds of appliances and robots.

However, initially other breakthroughs that commit to flipping traditional tools can be seen, such as Internet connections through Wi-Fi.

Qualcomm Technologies, a leading global manufacturer of mobile network and processor infrastructure in Las Vegas, has announced that Wi-Fi 6 technology will have high-capacity and highly-efficient experiences in wireless standards in the next 802.11.

WiFi transforms WiFi operation that offers networks with greater power than previous ones and, at the same time, a more efficient use of the capabilities that the user has the better experience.

The distinctive features of Wi-Fi 6 have improved individual device enhancements, extended device, enhanced battery, technology-connected devices and advanced and advanced security protocols.

Qualcomm Network Platforms offer optimal 11-page configurations and feature-rich profiles that enable manufacturers to maximize their capabilities, performance, and network performance through their priority network products.

The main features are:

* 12 bands with two bands emitted via Wi-Fi configured in 80 MHz space transmissions at 5 GHz band and four 2.4 GHz bands.

* Aggregate speed of up to 6 Gbps.

* QA-core (64 bit) 2.2 GHz A53 CPU based on 14-nanometer design, optimized for power consumption and larger sizes, and dual network accelerator for downloading network infrastructures.

* Wi-Fi Alliance's third-generation security protocol, Wi-Fi protected access (WPA3), password protection for users and more privacy in public and private networks. Wi-Fi.

5G mobile phones

Qualcomm announced in CES that in 2019 commercial 30-way commercial devices will provide 5-way wireless (5G) mobile communications technologies, Most smart phones are from manufacturers from all over the world, including the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform and the Snapdragon X50 5G modem family.

Additionally, all of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and nearly 5G design projects will use Qualcomm solutions.

Interoperability tests and pre-commercial operators global leaders, infrastructure providers and OEMs show 5G global market ecosystem preparation using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform using the Snapdragon X50 modem family 5G. 5G is a commercial platform designed to enable 5G commercial wavelengths to be used as a commercial platform from the beginning of 2019.

With this In the Modem family, the Snapdragon 855 mobile platforms are compatible with Spectrum-6 and mmWave, which allow unlockable gigabit and low-speed mobile speeds to unlock their transformation experiences.

"I thinkAlmost all 5G devices released in 2019 are basically based on Qualcomm Technologies 5G solutions. 5G will open the way to the next generation's breathtaking experiences, almost instantaneous access to cloud services, play virtual reality games, AR shopping and video collaboration in real time. The world is ready for collaboration with our 5G smartphones and Qualcomm Technologies, along with our OEMs, operators and infrastructure partners, for the first time offering these experiences in 2019, "said Cristiano Amon, the president of the manufacturer.


Among others, CES took advantage of the preview to inform the progress, MediaTek introduced Wi-Fi, AP (access point) and Bluetooth to introduce new chips to the transmission and reception of data to different users of the Internet connected to the device.

These connectivity systems are compatible with the next generation of technology: Wi-Fi 6 to make better wireless networks.

The products presented by this manufacturer in Asia support wireless access points, gateways, repeaters, and routers so that connectivity is faster and more reliable.

With a better connection to the wireless network, users make up a smart home to have a better experience, that is, devices that are considered on the Internet. comfort, energy saving or security for users.

"Consumers maintain a high-performance connectivity portfolio to deliver their favorite smart devices and now offer the next generation of Wi-Fi 6 support, a strong and healthy connectivity experience," said the leading business manager. MediaTek smart device, Jerry Yu.

The technology developed by the company is compatible with EasyMas, a new Wi-Fi Alliance standard designed to allow better connectivity between different access points.

Home demonstration

This latest cordless wireless technology is much more than a fascinating phone. Companies that speak in Las Vegas will have 5G machine-tool technology, such as self-guiding or semi-autonomous communication on the Internet of Things.

Verizon's head, Hans Vestberg, in Las Vegas talks about "5G quantum leap", with its high power, high performance, low energy efficiency and low latency.

In his explanation, Harris talked with surprise Clayton Harris, a normal young man, is the first customer of Verizon's 5G Home, the world's first 5G broadband Internet service. Harris performed a high-speed test on the new wireless service, which exceeded 690 MB per second.

"It's very fast," said the young audience in Las Vegas, with low WiFi connections and cell phone connectivity, which are characteristic of CES in Las Vegas. The envy of the audience was palpable.

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