Sunday , May 16 2021

"The next battle can explode in space"


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The flight of China to reach the dark side of the moon was increasingly interested in the space that Americans found the most distant asteroid. In this context, humanity must understand that successful exploration requires collaboration, says a Global Times expert.

"Since the Russians skyrocketed our destiny since changing our destiny," humanity has come a long way, said foreign affairs, AI Toumert.

Specialists said, "great powers realize that the next battle can be exploded in space," as the interest has become increasingly popular.

In this regard, Toumert emphasized the latest achievements in the space space: Chang & # 39; e-4 landing on the hidden side of the Earth's natural satellite and NASA New Horizons flight, the Ultima Thule asteroid, a distant object that has been so far researched.

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The Foreign Relations Foreign Relations University of China also stated XXI. At the beginning of the century, China, USA, Europe and Russian space agencies began to develop economic projects related to space exploration. Indeed, as Earth's population grows, mankind will have fewer and fewer planets.

For this reason, the economy of the space economy will promote the "new industrial revolution" and will guarantee new opportunities.

The project explores the natural resources of the Earth's orbit. In particular, the company Moon Express explored the resources available on the Moon surface. Other companies, including planetary resources, are exploring the opportunities for taking advantage of asteroids.

At the same time, the analyst has stressed that space activities have a greater role in human exploration in space. In fact, the ultimate mission of the lunar mission was to explore the creation of plants on the moon and, in general, the creation of liquids in other planets.

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Those that are not based on lunar missions in China and Russia, the US should send a million people to Marsi in 50 years.

Toumert has added that space agencies and companies are not just those who operate on Earth. For example, PayPal payment services introduced the PayPal Galactic initiative to make payments in space.

Finally, the expert acknowledges that the large space project will have a decisive role in human history. He also emphasized that countries in the world must opt ​​out of competition and to collaborate in their efforts to achieve great success.

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