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"The night bells": how Calu Rivero was the return of television – 14/01/2014

Initiation is one of the most prestigious advertising tourism styles, showing the beauty of Patagonia, with its paradise lakes and mountains. But fast music changes and suspense takes the scene, which Federico Amador's baby in his arms, can only be seen through the teenage camera lens. Calo Rivero.

This was the beginning Night bells, A new production from Telefe (from Monday to Thursday at 22:30 p.m.), before the actress returning to the television protagonist Sweet love (2012), with the whole conflict with Juan Darthes.

Through A flashback Luis Rolon (Amador), the whole sequence of the principal suspect death, is presented in the fictional Lago Místico town.

Calu Rivero and Federico Amador, the protagonists

Calu Rivero and Federico Amador, protagonists of "Campanas en la noche" (Telefe).

Luciana (Rivero), on vacation with his parents, briefly briefed Luis on his flight and found his body. In fact, Vito (Esteban Lamothe) became one of the witnesses, even though he had an unexpected, suggestive and typographical look, similar to a murder.

In this dead man there will be a total fictional plot, after 14 years of all events, with Luis installed his daughter in Buenos Aires, and in collaboration with Luciana Vito. han, the sum of the forced casualties all crosses again.

Like a good news, it has its own love story, like Luis and Luciana, who come together with pure action: it saves from the robbery. Calu Rivero will find great love for alleged women? Does he think himself innocent in the words of a man, but who everybody is guilty of?

On the other hand, fiction reminds Luciana, his family, and Vito, as it is being repressed and emitted, and later published.

Already in the first chapter Lamothe's character is unmistakableWithout asking her to ask her about what she wants to do with her partner, she treats herself as "animal", unable to handle herself and "approach her biological clock" to become a mother.

This is a solid point Night bells, Creator of Lily Ann Martin and Jessica Valls, with the help of Calu Rivero. "To change a lot of things we have learned, for example, I have to replace a real woman, I feel that many girls are feeling a lot, because there are many situations that women have experienced," said the actress bugle in the foreground.

The fiction was completely engraved in 2018, thus preventing daily rape from raping, storytelling and characters by measurement measurements. But it still does not continue to be typical, nowadays, a story that links story to the police.

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