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The Nobel Prize winner was published 7 months ago


January 30, 2019 4:47:34 PM

Before opening a claim for babies published many years before, he became the public with the Chinese Nobel Laureate Nobel Prize winner, He Jiankui, as a researcher. He continued to be the director of the biotech company Dr. He's.

Main keys:

  • The email from Associated Press reveals that Professor Craig Mello told about the experiment in April 2018
  • Dr. Chinese PhD The twin girl strives to change her genes with HIV to deal with possible AIDS infections
  • Professor Mello, Nobel Prize winner in 2006 for genetic research, explained his concern about health risks

Another revelation revealed that another important scientist was aware of the work. Scientists debate whether the investigation is troubling or not, and they need clearer guidelines.

The emails received by Associated Press show a public message from the Massachusetts Nobel Prize in Craig Mello, Massachusetts, during the last fortnight in Massachusetts, in a message called "The Success".

"I'm glad, but I would not keep that eye on," Mello replied.

"You are endangering the health of the child you are editing … I do not know why you are doing it. I prefer your patient for a healthy pregnancy."

Professor Mello served as a scientific adviser at Dr Genome Direct thirteen months prior to December, and after giving birth, he became a public and he disregarded the international contempt.

The Chinese scientist's gene edition was not a business experiment.

Dr Young Girl tried to change the genes to help her cope with the future infection AIDS virus, HIV.

Several U.S. researchers suspected that they suspected or suspected that Dr. Enbrioi was trying to edit the genes, but highlighting the importance given to the reader Mello in April was the pregnancy, and Dr He himself said.

Stop paralyzing a scientist to experiment

Editing the embryo invented for pregnancy is not allowed in the US and elsewhere, it can damage other genes and give DNA changes to future generations.

But there is no way to stop experimenting with bad scientists in some way, even if they do not have rules, because genetics technologies are cheap and easy to use.

It is unclear how someone would appear to be worried about Dr. He's project, said Wisconsin Chief Bioethics Researcher, one of Hong Kong's gene edition conferences. There, Dr. gave the experiment details.

Dr. The work has not been published in a scientific journal.

The University of Minnesota's Leigh Turner bioethics said Dr. Scientists who learned inventions in He did not express a wider culture of silence.

"It seems like a lot of opportunities have been lost," said Turner.

Last week, the Chinese state media reported that Dr's conclusions could have consequences after the investigators had determined, he acted solely and others decided to review the ethics.

Xinhua reports that twin and gender genetic embryos involved in second and ongoing pregnancy continue to be followed by a regular health check by the government health departments. The attempt to reach Dr. failed.

Dr. He kept Professor Mello, others in the dark

Mello denied the interview requests. In the statements he gave at his university, Professor Mello said he had no idea that Dr. He was "personal interest" in the edition of human genes or their discussions were "hypothetical and broad".

Professor Mello repeated the dissatisfaction of the Dr He project and said that he had resigned from "Direct Consultative Scientific Consultation" by Direct Genomics, Dr could not be effective.

Professor Mello began in October 2017 and said he did not accept the role of compensation.

A university representative told faculty members that they could act on scientific advice boards.

Professor Mello pays for Howard Hughes Medical Institute, who also accepts AP Department of Health and Science. Direct Genomic Professor Mello was not a HHMI representative, according to the university, and he sent an email to the HHMI lawyer Dr He.

According to an affirmation by Massachusetts University, when Professor Dr. Mello paused at a meeting in November 2017, to use the powerful CRISPR gene-editing tool, parents were able to prevent HIV infection.

The statement said Professor Mellok said he did not plan to guess himself.

After the meeting, emails show Dr. Mello Dr. Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga, doctor of the infectious disease, is collaborating on the "therapeutic risks posed by the pediatric risk of transmitting transmission".

Dr. Luzuriaga replied that he wanted to look forward to it.

Does not respond to conversation requests.

The University of Massachusetts published Dr. Luzuriaga and Dr. He had a short telephone call and did not know how to give him advice. Work done with geniuses embryos.

Last April, Dr. Mello sent a lecturer saying: "Good News … pregnancy is confirmed!" Dr. Mello has asked the professor to keep the news confidential.

Professor Mello, the Nobel Prize for Genetic Research in 2006, revealed a concern about health risks.

"I think you are taking a lot of risk and I do not approve of what you want," he wrote. "I'm sorry I can not get more supportive, I know you mean."

Teaching emails Professor Mello made his Live Genomics meeting in China, in November, before a Hong Kong congress one week earlier, Dr.

According to Mello, on December 6, he resigned from the scientific consulting company of the company.




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