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The oil companies and the government, who are predicting the drop in gasoline is very close – 30/11/2013


The usual scene is repeated every day on the last day. The engine line is at the service stations pump. The efforts of the drivers try to keep fuel until they reach the growth of these products.

However, this weekend, the picture may be different. As mentioned in several service stations, Next week, the fuel price will be reduced. The average will be between 2% and 4%, depending on the type of naphtha and flag. As a contrast, it is likely to increase the amount of diesel.

The government talked about oil companies about this opportunity. On one hand, the Executive said The fall in the international price of a crude oil box, but that too The decline in dollar weights has stopped. Local currency stabilized for most months, although in recent days it has risen again.

In December, There are two tax increases: in the face of carbon dioxide and CO2 Transfer to Fuel. The first one is fixed and the second is adjusted to inflation. Until now, 23.8% of retail price has been weighed, but this fluctuation will be higher in the next week.

Say official sources bugle The fuel was seeking to reduce the amount of "primary" by 10%. But the decline in prices that were talking these days is lower. 4% would be close, refineries make oil fuel at 8% less service stations. But the tax problem will reduce the impact of small ones.

Some refiners calculate the drop in the price of this week this week It should be around 3%. In fact, the strength of the dollar recovered in recent days against weight. However, other companies considered the Government to analyze the price against the US currency over the month.

The government had last-minute interference in November. This time, companies made a 5% comment, but YPF reacted, 2.5%. YPF's decision would have some official suggestions in the sector.

"If it is a decline, due to the drop in the dollar, the rise in oil (33%) has never been reflected in sector prices, since the decline has never increased", says the most popular oil consultants in the sector.

The Energy Secretariat informs the Ministry of the Treasury that YPF, Shell, Axion refiners are moving forward in the "competitiveness" table so that business officials and managers can discuss the costs of the sector. The authors believe that local margins exceed international margins and that local managers want to repeat it.

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