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The oldest North American relationship can not be adjusted to your Pinky Finger

The oldest North American relationship can not be adjusted to your Pinky Finger

A Chinle frog discovered by the artist's new interpretation, hanging from the jaws of a phytosaurus, half-water reptiles.

Credit: Andrey Atuchin / Virginia Tech

It is possible that during Triassic, phytosaur like crocodile was cut to an ice-like creature, but lost. It's a good thing, 216 million years later, paleontologists found the fossil of these little creatures, the oldest known frog in North America, finding a new study.

This frog, known as the Chinle frog, has been found in northern Arizona Chinle formation – it is a great discovery, but the creature itself was small, more than 0.5 inches (1.3 centimeter).

"Chinle frogs can reach the end of the finger", researcher researcher Michelle Stocker, an assistant professor of geoscience in Virginia Tech, said in a statement. [40 Freaky Frog Photos]

Fossil fossil-like fossil fossils and dinosaur found fossil frogs have been found, researchers said. Scientists, however, did not find a full skeleton frog, but some ilium cuttings, or hip bones, some of these ancient frogs, during an excavation in 2018. But they are soon expected to find ferocious fossil frogs, which is why they have not yet given any scientific creature.

They're still digging and drilling in the area, where they expect the frog's skulls and skeletons to be found – Stocker said that there would be more information on the identity of this type of creature.

The group stated that Chinle's remarks are far from frogs, and that modern frogs are not ancestors. But they are still salientians – a group of devotees with intense frogs and their closely related, relatives.

In fact, the Chinle frog is the oldest one nearest to the equator, according to the researchers.

During Triassy, ​​when frog-like animals lived, Arizona was not present. Instead, the Grand Canyon State was part of the supercontinent Pangea and east of 10 degrees north, the researchers said.

If the trace is analyzed, the species has more features with modern frogs Prosalirus, Than the early Jurassic ice found today in the Navajo Nation TriadobatrachusThe early Triassic frog found in Madagascar today.

"The nearby frogs from Ecuador are old," Stocker said. "The oldest of all is 250 million years old from Madrid and Poland, but these species are larger in latitude [than the Chinle frog] and not equatorial. "

The Chinle frog will also be discovered. "Now [that] We know that some 215-million-year-old frogs in North America have been able to find other members of the modern vertebrate community in Triassic, "said research scholar Sterling Nesbitt, Assistant Professor of Geosciences, Virginia Techeko, in the statement.

The study was published online today (February 27) in the journal Biology Letters.

Originally posted Live Science.

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