Wednesday , May 18 2022

"The only fan of the river has been robbed" and Marcelo Gallardo has another 7 blunt phrases


River beat Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata, but it was a conference Marcelo Gallardo After another game. only one He talked about the Boca SuperfinalIt will be held in the Spanish city of Madrid stadium Santiago Bernabéu.

Although he asked the party, he had a strong expression of "Muñeco" and completely disavowed the decision to change the place set by Conmebol. "The only fan of the river was the steal" kick

Next, Marcelo Gallardo's most significant words.

"I want to put in place energy for the team and I want to put it, it's the only way to defend it fan I think they have robbed the only option. "

"Fanari, I'll tell him This group will represent them correctlyto give you the joy you deserve. We will defend them We feel better, that's inside game field ".

"My attack is the same as the real River enthusiasts They had the opportunity to see the team's game and we played in La Boca under the same conditions ".

"How do I recognize my behavior? (It must be denounced by attacking Boca's microbes), I would lose my feeling. Others have acted well, it is not our problem, That's not the fan of the river ".

"The decision has been made by Konmebol, it can not be changed, but it can be absurd".

"Obviously, we're preparing, we'll be 10,000 miles."

"Copa Libertadores de América de los niños, jugar 10,000 kilómetros … Sometimes we will think about what happened again. Perhaps we will remember this memory. It was tonight, maybe tomorrow is another, it does not matter, but fans have steal this opportunity. "

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