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The pain of teens killed by the motorcycle: "This social deterioration has been clear" – 12/9/2014

Matteo Daniel Villica was 16 years old and on Friday night, he took a bus for only seven blocks, because walking at night was dangerous. I was a member of the parish, I went to the end of the group, but before that, I'd like to find a friend, I would not be alone. When he rolled to 328, two motorcycles were killed in the chest to steal it.

"He was a great son to clarify the disaster of society," he said bugle His mother, Alejandra Sánchez, was among the fewest words found in the midst of so serious. It's been a few hours before publishing on Facebook: "How much pain".

Matteo and Alejandra, his mother, on his last birthday.

Matteo and Alejandra, his mother, on his last birthday.

Matteo left her house in Argentina, number 900, in Loma Hermosa (Tres de Febrero) and around 21, took 328 buses from our parish youth group. Luján Del Buen Viaje, he attended. On Friday, a meeting was held birthday with church groups.

The teenage buses from Lavalle and Mansilla Avenue left the bus and had a 30-meter walk to his friend's house. There were at least a few steps where there was no 125 cc red motorcycle when it appeared. with two armed robbers. In seconds, throw into the box of Matteo They took out their portfolio with documents and mobile phones. Motorcycles fled and have not yet been identified.

The noise of the shoot, the neighbors saw what happened and found a boy on the ground, bloodied. The bus was transported to his private car in Matteo and Carlos Bocaland transferred to the Agudos Hospitals Department, when he entered the subconscious. In the end, the teen was killed during the surgery.

Family members require help from witnesses who help the criminals. We know that a boy dressed in a white truck went after Matteo, but when he saw the robbers, it runs in the opposite direction. They want to locate researchers who describe the attackers. "It's a busy area, I'd like to get people out and declare," said Alejandra.

A Pizza Deliveryman said two friends went to the bus station where Matteo went, shot and fled. A version of Istilas indicates that the victim should give his or her own things to the attackers They rolled around and shot around.

"Without going off the road, he took the bus and dropped 20 meters and the house girl was only ten meters away, he was always looking and he did not just walk. He had these attitudes"His mother said bugle.

Matteo lived with his parents, Alejandra and Gustavo, and had a younger brother and younger, who had a close relationship with him. He went to the 3rd National School and was a fan of Chacarita Juniors, just like her father.

The group of friends shared Saturday the Parroquia del Buen Viaje on Saturday, Ruta 8 and Brazil. He participated in it solidarity activities and camps have organized parties and raffles for collecting money. He used to play football games.

"He was not better than anyone else. He always had a smile with those who needed help and comfort. He had no problems. There was not one of them, they always stayed together with their friends. Very close to all, "recalls Luana Martinez, a friend.

The young man who determined the autopsy was killed .22 caliber projectors, according to police. Telam.

Fabiana Ruíz is in charge of the prosecutor, in charge of the 2nd Function Unit of the San Martin Department of Justice (UFI) and the station agents of the 5th Loma Hermosa. On Saturday, criminal security was identified for the identification and determination of the robbers of the municipality's security cameras.

Matteo, his friends and relatives were killed and the anger was wound up, along with neighbors Loma Hermosa, they are organizing a march next Wednesday, January 2, at 7:00 p.m.

Ruta 8 and Lavalle Avenue are concentrated and then mobilized "in peace" to appease justice for crime and security forensics at the 5th station. The call's slogan is as follows: "By Matteo. To lose friends, relatives and neighbors, the victims of insecurity ".

It was the crime of teens The second in 48, in the suburbOn Thursday afternoon, two attackers killed 338 passengers from Esteban Echeverría.

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