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The people started in Buenos Aires against the demoralization of abortion

In the field of celebration International Children's Day BornOn Saturday, the city of Buenos Aires cut the sky in the new edition of the call "Life March", replied More than 200 people in the country.

"Immediate cancellation of the ILEgal protocol" and the slogan called "Hastag" #YoMarchoPorLaVida supported by social networks, thousands of people were mobilized against demoralization of abortion.

Under a bright sun, the demonstrators began to concentrate for 14 years Italian square from the neighborhood of Buenos Aires Palermo. About the improvised way, one of the first gathered around the Virgin of the province of Buenos Aires was gathered. Merlo After a few minutes, they left Ruben Darío in front of the square Law Faculty, where the central act was carried out.

Confessions, faithful and evangelistic Catholics, people of all ages, included people of all ages. to Gladis, of 80 years oldYes, it was the first time. "I can not believe that some want to kill creatures, who are already starving in the world, with hunger, disease, or death. I'm excited about all those I've come in, "said women living in Florida on the edge of tears. Vicente Lopez.

It was also a great presence of the family, for example José, by birth Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, until next week it's on vacation Federal Capital with his wife and four children. "As we walk, we protect it"He told him Infobae.

Some leaders attended, like Cambiemos's deputies Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann and Jorge Enríquez, and national deputy Cynthia HottonUnlike other editions This time there were almost no political banners in the waves of heavenly cloth. Organizers decided.

Instead, the flags of Argentina prevailed "It is an Argentine lifestyle, the Constitution says, and this is how we represent the country"He explained FacundoHe went on his back with a 5-year-old goddess.

The weather was generally quiet. However, There were some changes. In the middle of March a woman faced Protestants in the Avenida del Libertador. "We will denounce all the clandestine abortions that you and your children do with their names and surnames"said in a high tone. "Do you have children? Why do not you give up? Facista!" Others, on the other hand, became annoyed.

After a few meters, another cross was made. "The rights of foreign women, disgusting, living" A woman shouted outside the balcony of a building in Libertador Avenue and the corner of Austria. At the bottom they responded as they were laughing.

Other discussions were created Alejandro GeyerMarch 22, the organizer and national coordinator, asking TN journalists Valeria Sampedro In the case of rape, he authorized abortion and an 11-year-old girlfriend in Tucuman on the abuse of her grandmother's partner. "Do you think a ten-year-old girl wanted sex with a grandfather?"asked the driver. "Let's Put It On"Geyer replied. And then he tried his statement patch: "The girl needs all the necessary help in making pregnancy."

du Comprehensive Sexual Education and the "necessary changes" were the subject of the comment among the participants. "They want to impose ESI before changing childhood, the idea is to educate, to prepare the world, but always with values, but respecting the age of children."this means Jesicafirst teacher

Felipe Rilova SalazarAs a specialist at a medical clinic, legal medicine and psychiatry, he was nominated as a member of the group Doctors of life, "Respect for all women and all men, with all love and respect." Conversation Infobaehe mentioned Statistics in voluntary abolition times in countries, his colleagues reflected: "There is scam of images interests, some of which are ignorant and because of the interests of the abortion sector. "

The Marches gathered foreigners from different countries. Flags were Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay. And until one El Salvador, a chemistry engineer Natali Peña I was hanging on my neck: "I support life, I accept this beautiful initiative that will not happen in my country as a Catholic," he shared.

"They say that they do not have life, they say that they have a voice called" a song, here are two who live for life, "the mobilization arrived at the Plaza Rubén Darío. They sang the hymn, they already encouraged a traditional entrance big babies call soul, this indicates 12-week embryo, and it was concluded that the "endless agreement with the senator" was over Voluntary Exposure to Pregnancy (VAT) that's it This year, it will not be discussed at the Congress.

It was called 16 when the time was left with two teens green cloths When it was shut where it was hanging on the back, it was aware of the event. "The girl becomes an additional life"They got hurt. "I am a little afraid, but we want to see what we want.he commented before breathing.

Photos: Nicolás Stulberg

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