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The phone can have germs that contain more than one toilet … it is necessary to clean it

Several studies indicate that the phone may have a thousand bacteria, several public toilet facilities, even a fever. The most effective cleaning method.

du cellular During the day, it has become our closest friend. We do not allow ourselves to go to the bathroom, public transport or when we eat. This may have negative effects: even if you do not see it, your phone is full of dirt and bacteria.

The researchers at the London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine believe that breakdowns can be found on 6 cell phones.

Another study in 2009 warned that the device was potentially deposits, because faces, lips, ears and contacts were constant contacts, such as the use of streptococcus bacteria in the hands of different users.

In fact, it's not small: this generation touches on other current surfaces more than any other. In ATMs, controls, keyboards and inputs, 80% of infections that are transmitted by hand.

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All this is very important to keep your phone as clean as possible.
There's a way to wipe the screen cellular With microfibre cloth, used for glasses, with a bit of water. They also recommend a few soaps.

With water-resistant phones, it can be dusted with an alcohol solution and cleaned with cotton wool. With non-irrigation lenses, you can use screen and device back screens.

What is not recommended is the use of ordinary liquids or disinfectants. We can use specific mobile detergents that are included in the market. One of them is the PhoneSoap, they claim, it cleans up to the bacteria of 99%.

Source: La Vanguardia.

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