Wednesday , October 20 2021

The pool pump was sucked


The girl "sucked" the pool filter system in her house. "It's a very serious case, it is hospitalized at the hospital with a set of predictions".

A five-year-old girl "sucked" a water pump in her sink. Dr. Víctor Paz, responsible for the surgery service at the San Roque Hospital, said that "what we are doing is very serious, it will be taken to be under intensive care, the prognosis is very reserved, as we have to evolve over time."

"It happened in a sink with a suction pump, the baby put his tail on the device and absorbs the intestine. The same thing happened last year, but not the most serious one in a club, because avoiding it, even more so at the time comes next summer, these things can not be happened. "

"Accidents can be avoided. Swimming pools should be protected by pool clubs or private pools through a pool circuit, which should be a law prohibiting the use of swimming pools, unless these elements are with the appropriate security measures," he continued.

He also said that "it is something that can happen again and, above all, the baby is a life-threatening lifestyle, a prevention, a control, a legal provision, it's very common for people with a pool to go to the pool everything must be taken into account ".

For the prevention, "first of all, it is necessary to put the pump off. But the central problem is that children can not play in the pool in operation and without protection. If they are switched on, they can not be in the pool."

"In some countries there have been other cases. In Buenos Aires, for example, a girl has sucked bombs and drooping. Filters would not have a relationship with the body of the people," he concluded.

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