Monday , October 25 2021

The Portuguese stock exchange market only advanced the Fed decision to 0.6%


The main panel has increased 29,968.28 units after reducing the 4.3% in the previous two sessions.

The main growths were recorded according to shares Banco Galicia (2.5%), Central Puerto (1.8%) and Metrogas (1.7%).. Edenor (1.6%), Cablevisión (1.4%) and Gas del Norte Transportador (1%) registered losses.

du The index rose by 2.3%, after the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed), the interest rate rose by 0.25 points and the signal is very clear when the future growth rate will slow down while monitoring the progress of the economy.

du The trip coincides with Wall Street, because investors were disappointed with Fed's tone.

According to the results, Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 23.322.88%, the Nasdaq stock technology fell 2.2% to 6.636.83 and S & P 500 fell 1.5% and 2.506.87. Prior to the Fed's announcement, there were about 3% of them.

US central bank decisions They have a direct impact on all economic effects, such as Argentina.

"Along with the North Bounce, following Powell's decision, Domestic assets continue to be a strategic demand Fears of the "electoral risk" and the "risk of financing" is growing due to the exhaustion of the resources of the IMF, "said economist Gustavo Ber.

In the case of a specialist, "country risk does not diminish dramatically, it can be used as a sales opportunity for foreign investment investors to recover external voluntary credit, in a strong recovery condition rather than a more attractive one."

Fears over the "electoral risk" and "financial risk" increase the IMF's resources "(Gustavo Ber, economist)


The main bonuses for money (pesos acting) are closed in positive territory. Bonar expanded by 2024% 1.6, Bonar 2020 increased by 0.3% and Argentine Discount was up by 1%..

Meanwhile, The risk of countries has risen to a single unit of 782 points.

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