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The presence of a virus caused by the appearance of Maria Grande's gastroenteritis was confirmed

Following the epidemiological outbreaks of gastroenteritis by the Ministry of Health, Maria Grande (Paraná Department), she determined the incident that occurred more than usual. This is Norovirus, that is, it is very common for the population to divide it.

The Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health of Entre Ríos has carried out a research epidemiology in María Grande, in recent weeks, the cause of gastroenteritis, estimates derived from a field study of almost 30% of the population.

After analyzing viral and bacterial analysis and material detection, the virus was created by the emergence of a virus created by a Norovirus virus, which transmits contaminated food or water and / or the contact person. In addition, the study completed water samples, according to the municipality , 64 kilometers from Paraná.

In this regard, the director of Epidemiology Diego Garcilazo said: "Working with the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance, the reason for the increase in the number of visits to gastroenteritis was determined, with more than 240 research studies and samples of biological and bacterial analyzes."

"This was confirmed in these cases, in general, caused by a virus responsible for 50% of gastroenteritis". Norovirus infection occurs with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. However, there are asymptomatic cases. In general, these infections are beneficial, they are evolving well in two or three days, "he said.

"During these weeks, we are talking to the director of hospital Francisco Castaldo in the town, Martín Ginestar, and the people in charge of the city, in order to find out about the great demand and the situation," said Garcilazo.


When this type of virus was prevented from proliferation in reproductive populations, the emergence of gastroenteritis was confirmed, the Ministry of Health reminded the importance of consuming food and water consumption.

Water is safe which do not have toxic substances that affect health and conditioning conditions and treatments. It can be obtained using bleach (2 liters of liters per liter, 3 liters per liter and half, and 6 drops for three liters, 30 minutes before waking up and consuming). or boil water for three minutes (looks like bubbles, waiting to cool for consumption).

It must also be said that water must be conserved after safe. "It's packed with clean and covered batteries, it's better if they have plastic and spout," Garcilazo said. You also have to leave the ground and the exit of the animals, and change the water regularly. "


Those who have a gastroenteritis symptoms and a healthcare professional have confirmed their need to avoid dehydration in the healthcare portfolio.

It is important to keep proper hydration, especially during summer, diarrhea and vomiting, causing excessive body fluid removal.

In some cases, water consumption is necessary to complete with water hydration salts. Finally, Garcilazo said: "The weakest groups are children and the elderly, and breastfeeding is essential for maintaining hydration and preventing it from making it worse or longer."

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