Monday , June 14 2021

The proposal of Marcelo Tinelli that bothered Laurita Fernndez: I would love one

Marcelo Tinelli in Dancing for a dream, usually has no problem in saying what he thinks and in sowing the controversy. In each prior reaviva discussions that occur within the show, although those who have little faces are pleased with this situation. That's the same with Laurita Fernndez. Once again, the presenter put the jury between the sword and the wall with a topic that he has little to comment on.

And what are we talking specifically about? Of the scandalous fight he had with Florence Vigna. Tinelli, taking advantage of the presentation of Mara del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei., Spoke again of the bichampion of the ShowMatch and he made a very uncomfortable request to Laurita. "It's the essential question … is it going to come Flor Vigna?" Asked the driver to Mery, and before she could answer, add: I want to see the hug between Flor Vigna and Laurita Fernndez with a photo of Nicols Cabr de background ".

"The truth is that they're in love. It's real that Flor is rehearsing for the work she's going to do with Nico Vzquez in the summer and try her at night. We invite her all the time. We always tell her how we dance and we invite her now. , well … stay in it, "commented the participant while hugging a giant of Vigna.

Marcelo, then, click again the protagonist of Sugar. "I would love a final hug before the end of the year between the cartoonist, the fruit-greenery and Vigna. Please," he insisted. Laura between laughter, but quite annoying, I can say for the bass "why?". Then, trying to add humor to the thing and take it away in the best way, he commented: "I have to embrace all this year. A big hug, all with Mica Viciconte, everyone."

"I think that's going to happen because Laurita finally goes to the bottom of the program and Flor has to come to deliver the Cup (she is the champion of Dancing 2017), spicy Lo Cerro. And I conclude: that is, the hug It has to happen. After all, what happened and what both said in the means that could happen? Tell us!

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