Thursday , June 24 2021

The proposal of Sofi Morandi Marcel, since he admits that "incredibly nice" by Fran Tinelli,

The participant presented a humorous situation and presented the proposal in the air. Will he accept the driver's son?

Sofi Morand's face with Tinelli, after acknowledging his son Francisco liked it

She was very uncomfortable at the moment, but she passed her smile and her special humor! After that Romina "Momi" Giardina, one of the dancers ShowMatch and works as a panelist Exhibition Prediction (Monday through Friday at 8:00 p.m. City Magazine) would release an audio in it Sofi Morandi You admit that's cute Francisco Tinelli, the participant faced his father in the air.

"First of all, I would like to highlight the codes in this WhatsApp group, I will never put anything in place"Sofi started crying before the camera.

Sofi Morandi: "The winner of this dance, the dance group Fran Tinelli danced a trio the next year."

Then, at the time, he admitted that Morandi did not notice that he had been less or less than the youngster's son. "It seemed very nice to me, Marcelo congratulated me"he added, while Tinelli went into the fun round trip.

Then, he was sure to get the program and hope he got a champion title Julián Serrano, the well-known instagramer launched an important proposal: "If you are the winners of this dancer, we will dance the sauce with the trio next year".

Do you accept it? Fran Tinelli to participate Dance of 2019?

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