Monday , August 8 2022

The Queen of Letizia revealed a unique tradition to celebrate the Magic Day


The Magi Queen Letizia tradition in that period has very unusual traditions.

There are very few who know about the current tradition of the Kings, and for several years. du Queen Letizia and they participate in competitions of king King Philip King's cats. The meeting between the monarchy and their families' privacy.

For several years, the kings participate in a kite-house competition. In this event, with the king's cadets and family groups, there are some intimate friends of King Felipe.

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The only requirement to participate in the contest is the traditional "rosca", although it is not a recipe, it can be traditional or innovative. But the details are even more important if the contest participants are in need or need to do so.

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King's thread can not be filled, or Truffle, angel hair or cream, your favorite King Philip.

Even if queen Letizia They are very strict in the diet of their daughters and they do not leave too much sugar, there is an exception in these dates, and these days you can enjoy a delicious meal.

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