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The reaction of Nahir Galarza in a medical check-up


December 6, 2016

His wife, Fernando Pastorizzo, who was taken to prison, was taken to the hospital.

Case Nahir Galarza It was one of the best years of last year: the young woman survived to kill her boyfriend, Fernando PastorizzoHe went to the hospital medical check-up.

The girl in Paraná, in Entre Rios, left women in jail to reach this place, while taking pictures with other patients.

On Tuesday he made a tour of Del Plata Adventist Sanitarium, in Villa General San Martin Libertador, for computational tomography, and his arrival was not inadvertently. This place is the same private center, routine exams during trial days.

When he joined the hospital, he was unable to hide the cameras he had registered with his presence in the care of the personnel of the Courts of the Entre Ríos.

However, the images that attracted attention were published by the portal, no Nahir Galarza In the last months it was quite different, much calmer and even more in good humor There, he provided new details about the situation in prison and also determined his studies.

At the end of November, the girl was the protagonist in prison, with the headphones listening to Galarza. apparently He heard some comments about the arrested Griselda Bordeira and began a debate that included to cross death threats therefore, penitentiaries had to intervene.

"They struggled with them, so it was decided that they should leave the pavilion", said the prison authority.

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