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"The result will be historical, but we must fight" – 10/01/2019


"The end of this year will be eternal and historical, it will remain in memory, but for a moment it will compete and it is important to concentrate on that point so that we can not continue trapping in the mindset of hosting. We have to prepare to compete, events that are eternal and nobody else It does not delete them, we keep on remembering, I repeat, I do not want to be exhausted, we will continue to be a retina for everyone, but we must start and prepare ". In this way, Marcelo Gallardo has marked what the future is. Of course, you've still enjoyed what you got in 2018, but a club like River has to be the star of the semester's semester. And that is no exception, Recopa, Superliga – plus the subsequent League Cup – and Libertadores.

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And Dolle raised the first goal"We are in a club we are requesting, as we are demanding, the only way forward and move forward is work, it is worship, we understand players, they are the main engines, that's the way. We do not have much time to recover, we have to play five games From January 19 to February 3. We want to face it successfully throughout the year. Superliga. "

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How is the river coming ready?

Why return to Buenos Aires? "We organized the organization and logistics until the 17th and 17th and we were prepared to play against Defense and Justice. The time did not help, so we have areas that have an influence on Buenos Aires, we have little time for preparation and we need different levels and dynamics. We find the points that we will be returning to Buenos Aires and will be a friendly match for the weekend in return for Uruguay, "the coach explained at the press conference.

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Preseason: "I did not have seasonal prices, it's a set that was atypical at the end of the year, the mental and emotional erosion that created the definition of the Liberators: travel, continental changes, was atypical. We did not have a little isolation, we need to accept it and play it I'd like to reach another way, we need to retrieve some points in the championship to catch them, if possible ".

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