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The river did not say: Madrid, Bar and Conmebolera – 12.12.12


The weather was not the best. It was thicker than the previous one. From that moment on, the enthusiasts of the river route saw that the rays of the conflict were tied with shields, with many bindings and fences. Then the outburst burst. "Have you remembered now, why did not they do it last week?", Those who had overtaken Saida and the choir repeated. Lidoro Quinteros and Avenida del Libertador, where Boca attacked the bus and buses from all groups that stroll along Antonio Vespucio Liberti. This should be the last weekend at the Copa Libertadores final. Interesting, it was not. And Martin Ocampo, former security minister of Buenos Aires, resigned to resign. And for a long thread (the claim of Boca's demand for the collapse of Paraguay's Paraguay River) and Conmebol's decision to remove Núñez's superfina and take it to Madrid, They exploded in the tribal monuments. There were songs against the river, txistu and insults (How to enter tickets to enter the stadium? Answers are still waiting …), Conmebol, Mauricio Macri and Boca.

Genuine River members and fans feel they are deducted from this accuracy. And, at home, they decided not to see the definition of the Copa Libertadores. "Jugalo in River the p … was patriotic", when the equipment of Marcelo Gallardo won the gym, the final winner of the Argentine Glass won his opponent 3-1. Almost all the flags hanging up, except three of San Martin below, behind the spare banks, can be read. "Mouth, can it fall?" He said. The other: "Conmebol, our passion is your business". And the rest: "Conmebol, the biggest fraud in football history".

Although the stadium was half full, they heard it. They cried and sang to fight. In front of the first bar Before the start of the game, the first drum sounds, when they heard the ones coming from the top of the Sivori bells, began the whistles. All viewers indicated that their violent flags were already said to be "in the will of the Council" in the center of the town. And the throats of the old war cried out. "Let all be left, do not let a single leave." And then, the more powerful: "Children …, Children …". And "I'm Barrabrava, I'm not a delinquent, I'm a river fan …", on the one hand, and on the other, "I am from River, I am" is famous.

In addition, during the game, he began to sing a bar song, the txistu was heard, and the members of another stadium to distinguish from them sing a different subject.

The South American Confederation was also the purpose of silence. "Conmebol, Conmebol, p … birth will start." And he was not rescued by the President of the Nation: "Mauricio Macri la p … who was, Mauricio Macri, the … who were you." Boca's theme was a repertoire. Even though "Vamos River Pleeeiii, ohhhh, Come River Pleeiii" is also encouraged. And Gallardo "Muñeeeecooo, Muñeecoooo."

The monumental Libertadores last week was a great challenge, finally, in Madrid, the capital of Spain, 10 miles from Núñez. And it was logical that Santiago Bernabéu demanded a victory, which allows River to want so many Cups. Of course, the show must continue …

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