Tuesday , May 18 2021

The river's interest was confirmed by former Boca players

Passport market River It was not the best in terms of the main competitors, especially because of minor elections. Gonzalo Martnez to the Atlanta UnitedAnother is the way Jonatan Maidana to the Mexican Toluca and retired from the last professional football Rodrigo Mora The product of your hip hyperurosis. That's why, Marcelo Gallardo You must hire new players to compete.

It's not the first time I think about River Juan Cruz Komar In order to strengthen the central backdrop, the President of the Talleres de Crdoba Club, in its entirety, said that it was a contact with millions of people who were playing at the service of Boca Juniors.

We received surveys from the public next to Juan Cruz Komar River. We will see if formal formally present these days, Andrs Fassi. The players also saw in French and Brazilian soccer, but they did not receive formalities, we expect hope in the future, but it is very clear that the workshops are getting farther.

Juan Cruz knows that everything happens, but it is spoken by Mundo D. We always say the truth is that it is not concrete, I do not communicate anything about leadership, and it does not mean that I went to another club. First of all, it was my opinion, this is the most important thing. I still see it far away, I do not think for at least six months.

The center premiered the 2014 Boca T-shirt, but it only played 5 games and scored 1 goal and six months in six months with a constant follow-up of six million euros workshops; Months arrived at the club in Cordobs. In total, 70 games have been played, but they can not be targeted, everything seems to be moving in the next few hours.

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