Monday , May 16 2022

The Russian rocket heads the three astronauts successfully


The three astronauts have successfully shaken Monday's mission to the International Space Station in Kazakhstan, a perfect follow-up mission on October.

NASA's astronaut Anne McClain, David Saint-Jacques from the Canadian Space Agency and Oleg Kononen's Roscosmos Spanish agency, is leaving at 5.31pm (10:30 a.m. AEDT) on Monday, the Kazakhstan Baikonur Russian co-modulus rental.

The Nuclear Space Soyuz MS-11 was called orbit after nine minutes and four hours after the orbit was placed in space.

NASA and Roscosmos said that all the packing systems were operating normally and the crew were feeling well.

"High Speed," a NASA writer said in an event adventure.

McClain, Saint-Jacques and Kononen will spend more than six months in biology, in the field of science, physics and technology in the field of Earth science and research and experimentation.

At the space station, the crew of Serena Aunon-Chancellor of the NASA, Sergei Prokopyev, Russians and German Alexander Gerst were waiting for. They are waiting for the return to the ground on December 20th.

Several nation's crew families, astronauts and civil servants increased their breath on Monday, after watching the flawless launch, the defeat of the October rocket still in many minds.

The Soyuz-FG rockets were rescued by the astronauts of the NASA Nick Haga and Roscosmos, who had been shut up twice a week for missing two weeks, Alexei Ovchinin, and sent their capsules to the Earth. They were dangerous without testing.

A Russian investigation accused the failure of a sensation damaged by the final assembly of the rocket.

Russia's officials have taken measures to prevent repetition of these incidents. In fact, four successful Soyuz satellite crews have been set up on Monday to start off. Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, has thanked Dmitry Rogozin for participating Russian and NASKO and Roscosmos teams for "successful launch."

In October 1983 the first spacecraft expedition was created as the first abortion abortion after an explosion launched by two Soviet cosmonauts.

Soyuz Spaceship is currently the only vehicle for space station ferries, but in the coming years the Russian SpaceX Dragon and Boeing Starliner crew are losing their monopoly capsules.

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