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The scandals behind the "Bohemian Rhapsody" almost fails


Biography of Freddie Mercury, Bohemia RhapsodyHe won the box office and won the Golden Globe for Best Film on Sunday with the star. Rami Malek, the series became popular Mr.Robot. But the success of the production is behind the backdrops and scandals.

In 2010, the guitarist Queen, Brian May, he confirmed The movie about the iconic band was in production, The shoot that will begin in 2012, and actress comics Sacha Baron Cohen He was chosen to play Mercury.

"We have been Sacha Baron Cohen, who is going to be great for many people, but has talked to us for a long time"He told BBC.

Recently, some members of the Queen appeared to be in favor of the film.

But they finally accepted it, especially with Cohen's insistence. "Freddie is a big fan. He has said he's been with us for years"Can not say

Video behind performing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Manufacturer Graham King To make the movie, Queen's members as producers. Initial stages, scriptwriter Peter Morgan They would definitely accept his story: "I do not know how much I have liked to write".

For 2013, Cohen abandoned the project for creative differences. It seems, He wanted to tell a strange story about Mercury's comic books, again The band wanted to make a version that is suitable for all types of audiences.

A few years later, he wanted to show mercury's "extreme life". "Freddie Mercury's incredible stories, the guy was wild"Cohen has told Howard Stern in 2016, but Cohen understood briefly between him and his musicians. "They wanted to protect their heritage as a band and I understood it perfectly."

Meanwhile, the actor asked: "Sacha, with some ideas, went along with some nice moments, but left him and told him about what happened. "

But that was not the end of the problem. With Cohen, they now find a replacement. That same year, Ben Whishaw He was selected under Dexter Fletcher's direction.

A year later, Whishaw (winner of the Golden Globe in 2019 also won) said: "I do not know what's happening. It seems in the background"He said Time Out London, then to express the movie "I have had problems with working script."

In 2015, Anthony McCarten ("The theory of everything") has been selected rewriting script, With the first draft written by Morgan ("Frost / Nixon").

Finally, in 2016, Malek officially joined the production to play Mercurio In a role that would win his first Golden Globe. Bryan Singer ("X-Men") has been hired as a director.

But in 2017 Twentieth Century Fox announced the release of Singer.

According to the Hollywood Reporter website, Singer's long extensions created Kaos and Malek's chaos. Singer, meanwhile, claimed that he had family problems and was the protagonist who refused. But that was it: The director was accused of sexual harassment following the Hollywood #MeToo explosion.

Fletcher was shot but was nominated as Singer.

Sunday night, when Bohemia Rhapsody Winner of the best picture in the Drama category There were no directors or mentions on stage. Rami Malek and Graham King did not name them.

However, King, the producer who participated in the film, admitted the award and thanked Mercury "to show the power of embracing his true self."

But after the gala was asked about singer's departure, King did not talk about the subject: "It's not something we needed to talk tonight".

Much more, Singer used his social networks to thank the mentioned award. "An honor, thank you", said the director next to the photography next to the movie Malek.

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