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The Senate has renewed its rulers: Picheto will break the record and determine Juan Carlos Marino's radical follow-up

The Senate will be set to take place on Wednesday 17th, to renew the period of new ordinary sessions that the President of the House will inaugurate. Mauricio Macri next Friday, March 1st.

That day, the National Senator of the PRO is expected Federico Pinedo His word of renewal as President of the Senate; that's it Omar Ángel Perotti (FPV-PJ- Santa Fe) remains Vice-President María Inés Pilatti Vergara (FPV-PJ-Chaco) in the second presidency.

But as regards the state of the radical Juan Carlos Marino, according to the expectation that they will take on their bodies, the vice-president will be the vice-president, to denounce sexual harassment and abuse by a congressional staff.

Last January, and in the course of the last regular session, Marino read a letter and dismissed the allegations. When he appeared in the court, he gave explanations and at that moment gave them his own privileges. . "I deny a situation similar to what he has confirmed," he said.

Claudia Guebel, a civil servant, was denounced by Marines, when the senator surprised the messages of WhatsApp and personally, and touched her breasts at the same time. "A month before the start of the work, I started receiving WhatsApp messages on my phone, and I was saying the messages:" Where are you? "Where do you live?", "I'll be there, a robber." Prepare, I'll go to your home. "He has sent videos related to sex," he said.

"I tried to respond and I did not break my job and did not turn my interest in what I proposed," said the woman before Justice.

The Delgado court has opened a criminal offense to investigate the complaint and Marino and two advisers, Pedro Fiorda and Juan Carlos Amarilla, have been denounced by Guebel.

In addition to the president's presidency, the radical senator is among the two bicameral ones: supervising and supervising the Library of Congress, and the activity of the Intelligence. Prior to the preparation session, the members of the radical block will determine a location.

On the other hand, the Peronists Miguel Angel Pichetto He will also be the head of the PJ block, including internal differences and the policy established by former President Cristina Kirchner. His election will bring a Peronism record at the Higher House: he has been in position for 17 years.

In the training session, the posts of the Secretary's Office of the person responsible for Helio Rebot would also be confirmed; Secretary of Parliament Juan Pedro Tunessi; Assistant Administrator Secretary, Mario Danielle and Deputy Secretary, Eric Calcagno.

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