Wednesday , May 18 2022

The small asteroid will be very close to Sunday morning


The small asteroid will be next to Earth on Sunday morning. Fortunately, the object is too small to get an impact.

The Asteroids WV1 2018, known as London's Northolt Branch Observatory, will be the nearest third asteroid this year to reach a surface area of ​​20,450 km.

2018 WV1 was found on November 29 at the Catalina Sky Survey. Daniel Bamberger wrote observations on the mailbox on a Facebook post, I think more than the asteroids have investigated.

"In addition to the near approach, 2018 WV1 is interesting for several reasons: the Earth's rhythm is very small: therefore, 2018 WV1 is part of the lunar moon, part of the moon that entered into space, before a larger asteroid reaches the moon. It hit the Earth as a 2nd% in December. Fortunately, this option was discarded soon.

The Northolt Branch Observatory will keep a close look at how it goes through its orbit.

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