Sunday , June 13 2021

the story of a boy in his body

They accused the woman of being sent to several Bengals in her son's body, and on Sunday they passed the control of the River Stadium, and admitted that he had made a political demonstration against Mauricio Macri.

At the beginning of the investigation, he explained that the counsel of Carlos Broitman, who had begun by his husband, explained that the slums placed on his son's body were deactivated and that was a political manifestation against him. the president

The woman said that she was tied to Kirchnerism and had recorded homemade works as opposed to the Manifesto.

According to the first version that the woman said, the manifesto understood that the child raised the shirt once more, showing flares and a banner that repeated Macri, not taking into account the sudden surplus of River and Boca. In the following days, the G20 event is celebrated in the world which brings together the main presidents.

Before the rigorous version of women, Adriana Bellavigna took over at the same time with her husband, creating a great deal of contemporary couples and contradictions.

No one could explain how the flares were disarmed and that the banner would be a political demonstration.

Thus, at night, the Public Prosecutor asked for a woman's prevention detention until the events were clarified and evidence gathered.

For this reason, when the lawyer's daughter was introduced, the woman was broken and finally said what happened.

In that sense, the massacres placed access controls on the river stage and had to be used in celebrations.

After the confessional and repentant woman, the prosecutor made an abbreviated trial for two years and eight months. (NA)

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