Tuesday , March 21 2023

The Superfinal is looking for a house: what would be the security operation in Paraguay?


Conmebol announced that the second Copa Libertadores Superfinal will be held outside Argentina on December 8 or 9, if the Disciplinary Court of the entity does not give the reason to Boca Juniors, who requested through different documents and numerous proofs submitted that River Plate is disqualified from the contest.

For this reason, one of the countries that tiptoes to house this historic Superclassic would be Paraguay, the same that is home to the mother house of South American football in the city of Luque. And so is the head of the Interior Ministry, Juan Ernesto Villamayor, who is convinced that the neighboring country would be the ideal host of the party.

"This morning, the Ministry of the Interior received an informal consultation to find out if we are in a position to receive a match between River and Boca. We are in a position to provide security, that does not imply a compromise, but Conmebol has another option. conditions to provide security within the city of Asunción preferably on day 9. On day 8 we can not because the Day of the Virgin is celebrated and that implies a lot of mobilization ", the official said.

Likewise, Villamayor postulated Defensores del Chaco as a possible scenario of the event that could even have the income of both parties: "If you play in Asunción, I would send 6,000 police officers to the court. The displacement to La Nueva Olla (Cerro Porteño court) is more complicated than the Defenders of Chaco of Asunción".

Finally, and asked if they would redouble the security taking into account what happened in the Monumental, the minister detailed: "It is the first time that the National Police would handle such an event and will imitate the protocols that until now have resulted. We had conflict in football and also the usual ones, we are exposed to that and it is an unwanted normality".

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