Wednesday , October 27 2021

The Supreme Court decides the key to retirement


In the midst of a voltage climate, Supreme Court of Justice On Tuesday, December 18, he decides to apply the key that will determine the key and the government's statistics to update the retired assets that Americans have earned.

As you know PROFILEAlthough the secrecy of the Court of Law is almost secretive, it would be the majority of the claimant for the retirement claim.

The decision will be a huge economic impact on the economy: the debate's decision will be affected in 150 thousand cases.

The case came when the Supreme Court arrived Lucio Orlando BlancoHe retired in 2003 and began the judicial conflict of the State for the updating of assets. The man won a trial at that time, but now, why should he apply the effective payment that the Government has to apply?

Carlos Rosenkrantz: "We want to respect our decisions"

Before calculating these increases, the Basic Industry and Construction Sales Index has been applied (ISBIC), but the average tax obligation of Stable Employees Compensation ("Establishment of Workers' Compensation Tax") began to be used for some timeRIPTE).

II Chamber of Social Security of the Chamber The Chamber opted for White and used the ISBIC system, but ANSeS appealed for the decision and warned that a sustainable social security agency is compromised.

The judges also believe that RIPTE "violates the constitutional guarantee of retrial rights" in this type of case "violates the constitutional guarantees of retiring rights," the force was extended and began to work for a long time and could not be established at the right time. retrospective

The Supreme Court will order Rosada to raise pensions

According to White's lawyer, Gabriel Greizerstein, the defendant would be much better if the first of these methods were applied to calculate the increase of their assets, because they would charge 59% of their salaries as active employees, and 46 percent with other mechanisms.

In spite of the fact that the Court will give a ruling on the case that only one case is concerned, the text may include another 150 thousand retirement headquarters in a similar situation.


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