Monday , January 25 2021

The suspect of Agustin's crime was borrowed before a suicide loan

Body Agustina ImvinkelriedEsperanza, in the province of Santa Fe, a 17-year-old girl was found on Monday morning, disappearing one day after a girl Go with her friends at the Route 6 dance in the Teos province.

María Laura UrquizaAccording to the court judge, he confirmed this afternoon at a press conference Volunteer firefighters found out about the young body Sunday tried very hard and the cause now Tagged as "femicide".

in Some camera pictures with security camerasOn Augustine street and in the car, he was seen next to a 39-year-old man, who was identified by a vehicle patent Pablo Sebastián Trionfini. But at the beginning of suicide on Monday at the end of the ceasefire, police Santa Fe hung with a rope.

Prosecutors confirmed There is no other person or are the testimonies of people who have been arrested in this case and have been seen so far, cameras images (for greetings, suspicion, car and mobile phone) The testimony that Trionfin had to go to the neighborhood, to ask for a paddle and proved that the witnesses were similar to the gray man found on the site covered with a piece of silobolsa, between branches and herbs.

"I was Easy access was not covered in any way. He has dogs and fire. They have been key to the discovery, "said the prosecutor Urquiza.

Research sources say Infobae The body of the young woman, who had been wearing the clothes she had left on Saturday, presented the bumps and surprising signals. The results of the autopsy are still awaiting the death penalty and there was a sexual assault.

A mobile phone for girls, one of the items that restricted the search field, was not yet discovered, and a couple of gloves were found on the body's discovery, according to the prosecutor.

To date, according to the prosecutor Urquiza, Between Agustina and Trionfini there are no previous linksNo friendship in social networks.

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