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The taxi drivers of Buenos Aires will have to accept payment cards – 12/12/2018


By using digital order for acceptance of travel requests, charging with credit and debit card, and replace the meters in digital meters. Starting next year, taxi drivers will begin to adjust the time. This measure was voted on Thursday in the Parliament of Buenos Aires, but a bit of controversy is emerging.

Taxiists unions refuse to use new technologies. This Thursday, at noon, they protested against the Parliament against the project. While he was complaining Uberamore and more, to eliminate any tool that allows you to compete in times of paid electronic systems.

It is a place in the city that you feel unpaid Aeroparque. Uberian drivers have historically an enemy, the only alternative to take a car is a taxi, but a card is charged with an unknown mission. And Newbery ATMs do not always have cash.

But in the second half of the next year, taxi drivers in Buenos Aires need to renew their authorization The car will provide the device with a tablet – instead of the taximeter – and an application Associated, any other application approved by BA Taxis or by the City Council.

The project promoted by pro-government legislators Natalia Fidel and Cristina Garcia received 42 positive votes: Let's Go Together, Socialist Party, Evolution and Better City Blocks; 13 self-determination and Freedom, 13 members of the Citizen's Unit and the Deputy Front of the Left; and five abstentions of GEN and Peronist Blok.

According to the new regulation, due to a change in the Transit and Transportation Code, driver drivers must use the digital system and replace the current tanker. This tablet will be connected to the New Taxi Management System Integration, Therefore, the drivers will not be able to operate.

Before each trip, the system will validate the tax license and VTV is up to date, that the driver is enabled and that the maximum number of hours per day has not been exceeded. Thus, the Buenos Aires government will include tax, travel and location data of each location, provide passengers with greater security and control their activity.

When the license expires, the taxi driver will renew it with the new system. According to the second half of 2020, the entire taxis of the Buenos Aires taxis must be able to charge them with credit cards and debit cards and must accept trips through a mobile application. The payment method will be valid as the option. As an additional advantage, passengers can know the right to travel and the driver's name.

However, here is a controversial point with this law Downloading Flag will increase from 10 to 11 (Between $ 3 and $ 4 at current prices). The installation costs of new devices and the monthly packet data provided by its use. For the moment, at the end of the year the rate will increase by 18%.

"This is the cost of the user and the driver, he should pay more tickets per trip per month," said Silvia Gottero (Peronist Block), an anti-project.

However, according to officialism, there was no additional cost for the taxi driver. This will not require the use of travel applications on the Internet on their device, since the system data package will be used.

There are 37,000 taxis in Buenos Aires, In the City with 700,000 trips per day. Of these, only 8,609 drivers use the BA Taxi application, and only 2,190 use it daily.

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