Monday , October 25 2021

The three members of the Posados ​​family hired dengea


Four dengoma cases were confirmed and three of them were tested by family members residing in the Villa Urquiza district of Posadas, and therefore the protocols were activated to prevent the spread of the disease. around. As a Public Health Recommendation, in suicidal cases it is recommended that the patient does not leave the home.

"We have already done this to block the blocking actions
virus circulation We started Lira and we continue working. The idea is that the neighbor is vigilant,
Public Health People and the City Council are visiting
in neighborhoods, "he said Radioactive Fabián Zelaya, Director of Epidemiological Surveillance, also explained technical managers
Regarding revelation, it is necessary to go into the yard
housing, sampling and preparing a report about the situation

He added: "You must tell your neighbor when the technician enters, he will not question, he does not die, nothing is going on."

On the other hand, officials said that some suspicion happened, he will go straight to the person who has a fever. When you are fed, you are asked if you travel outside the city or countries and many other questions to establish epidemiological links. For this purpose, nine bats of the surrounding area control the control axle, seek nurseries, and fumigate in the bulb with the intention of eliminating the largest number of larvae and egg.

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