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The truck has hijacked nearly 1200 kg of marijuana on the coast «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata»

1200 pounds of marijuana were taken as a form of bread this Sunday in the General Rodriguez area and sold in the Misiones province on the Atlantic coast.

The shipment of 1180 kilograms was found in the General Rodriguez, when four men were arrested and three cars were captured.

The Mega Operation was carried out by personnel from Drug Trafficking Units. According to the Drug Trafficking Superintendent of Trafficking Inspections and dependent on the Organized Crime Police in the province of Buenos Aires, as a result of a date investigation in October, this means that both subjects were responsible for selling narcotic drugs under the "retail" modality of "El Cañón" and "Las Flores" neighborhoods, both Moreno fiestas.

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In this way, research assignments were initiated, among others, a subscribers subscriber on behalf of these people. This means that the accused wanted to know how to transport important shipments from the Misuri brick or cannabis sativa. In Mar del Plata, Pinamar and Villa Gesell, taking advantage of the abundance of autumnal produce for the consumer.

For this reason, the magistrate decided to increase the investigation of the arrival of the vehicle.

With the collected data, a new device was opened in the last hours, a research center located in the field located in the 8km kilometer of Rodriguez Rodríguez. In it, the troops made a corresponding search and an immediate request, when the drug dealers were arrested and loafers were arrested.

Renault Fluence, Fiat Palio Fire and Toyota Hilux, as well as 1125 caliber pistols, stole the items and presses.

In the case of the UI of the NI 1 of the Judicial Genesis of Moreno – General Rodríguez.

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