Monday , July 4 2022

The truck lost control, added another vehicle and crossed the Western Access: at least two wounded – 11/26/2018


A large truck lost West Access control (16 kilometers). Blows with another five vehicles and crossed through the asphalt. At least two were injured.

According to Todo Noticias, an accident occurred at the Hospital Posadas, at Luján, at the age of 17.

In the pictures you could cross the highway, so you avoid the passage of other vehicles There are significant delays delay. Although congestion may hinder Perito Moreno's circulation. Thus, the authorities are diverting the Height of the Republic of the Departure, in Ciudadela.

In addition to the ambulances, the security cameras and firefighters who immediately left the Chevrolet truck gray truck were immediately rescued.

Despite the magnitude of the accident, despite two wounded injuries no serious "No one is serious, it's really a miracle," said a local resident of Florence, Fernandez.

Now, the mystery is when the freeway will be released, the authorities should remove the entire truck structure, as well as corrupted vehicles, to clean up the fuel dumped on asphalt.

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