Monday , May 29 2023

The United States Army will have Robocops: the helmets will be used in real life and holograms


A few years ago Apple CEO said augmented reality It has a promising future than virtual reality. According to Cook, the second is more attractive to users. In reality, none of these technologies is still taken in the mass market.

The military territory could become the most fertile land for developing reality. It is a confirmation based on the contract signed by the United States Army and is trying to make these advances a push.

Millionaire RA and holograms investments

US armed forces signed With Microsoft's million contracts. This company will provide 100,000 units of HoloLens, a reality-enhanced reality, which also shows holograms in front of users' eyes.

HoloLens's proposal is very attractive, although the product is not yet established in the market (image: AP).
HoloLens's proposal is very attractive, although the product is not yet established in the market (image: AP).

He'll pay the army 480 million dollars "weapons" to supply them … without harm? As the armed forces commented, HoloLens "will increase the capacity of soldiers" to improve the skills of perceiving, deciding and coping with the enemy ".

The reports indicate that they will make some changes hardware Originals, for example, thermal sensors and night vision systems. In this way, these helmets will not be left alone in experimental terrain, but they will not be able to fight.

Bloomberg He also mentioned in the cases used by the Olympic Army in 2016. The Israeli army, even training and not fighting or fighting.

"The HoloLens soldier's ability to increase the ability to detect, challenge and combat the enemy," said the US military.

Internal affliction

A few months ago, the company's staff opened an account in the letter, in favor of the use of this technology developed by the armed forces.

"We work in Microsoft to create a positive impact on people and society, the technologies we develop do not expect harm or human suffering."

And they added: "We are a lot We believe that we build would not be used to war. When we decided to do so, all the people in the planet expected the ability to do more, the end of life was not intended. "

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