Saturday , January 29 2022

The upgrade can exceed 3,000 pesos


The monetary authorities surveyed the cost of the plastics operation: renewal, fees and maintenance of accounts

The renewal of your 2019 credit card may cost up to $ 3,000, according to the latest Central Bank survey.

According to Argentina's monetary authority, international credit cards mean that the average cost is $ 1,800, but in some cases it exceeds $ 3,000. An example is the Mortgage Bank, of $ 3,016.

The difference between the different banks is that magnitude, which in most cases exceeds $ 2,000 (the cheapest and most expensive).

There is also an important gap to analyze the annual rates of financing through plastics. While the National Bank applies 52%, the mortgage loan is up to 155%.

In the case of a replacement cost of a lost card, the average cost is $ 219, according to the BCRA.

Additionally, the average cost of maintaining a current account by Central is $ 360. Among the banks, the city stands at least $ 257.7.

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