Wednesday , October 20 2021

The US funds Prisma bought 51% of $ 725 million


therefore, 70% of payment electronic payment in Argentina is controlled by United States companiesThe Argentine banks that make up Prisma will make the payment of their shares. The agreement, confirmed by the magazine Clarín, will be announced in the following days.

The government informed the company in March 2017 prismThe Visa Credit Card licensed the "Disinvestment" proposal to the National Competition Defense Commission (CNDC).

prism It is owned by 14 private banks, and only one card administrator visa and Banelco.

The CNDC gave recommendations to the Ministry of Commerce and the Central Bank in this market for commercialization of all commercial operations, and therefore the Government according to a monopolistic position that demanded bank divestiture.

The deadline set by the National Defense Competition Committee on January 23, 2019, to complete the divestiture.

With the exception of Prism's control, For three years now, banks have removed 49% of the shares.

The financial institutions that control PRISM want to start as Advent partners, The company values ​​more than $ 1,420 million when companies value this transaction.

Advent is a Boston-funded fund (United States) and other investments in Argentina. Fada Pharma and LKM laboratories, Graffigna wineries, Universal Assistance in medical care and participation in the OCA card. It has investments in the region, Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

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